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Moore Landscaping, Lawn Care & Irrigation is a purveyor

of full maintenance lawn and landscape services. 

Below are a list of our service descriptions.  If you would like a free estimate,
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Spring clean up       email/call for quote

A spring clean up is a great way to get your lawn off to a healthy start. This service is performed in March. It includes one or all of the following: scalp the lawn, clean up leaves, trimming bushes, adding mulch in flowerbeds, sprinkler inspection, trimming trees and crape myrtles. The service is performed in March and then weekly service will resume 2-3 weeks later in April.


Mowing            Weekly: $27.95 & up             Every other week not offered

This is our basic service. It includes mowing, edging against paved surfaces and line trimming (weed eating) around your home, fence and other like structures and blowing off all paved surfaces. We will never blow clippings down the street or into your neighbors yard! We suggest weekly service for optimal results and to make your lawn look the best it can.

Bush & Bed Maintenance   $100 per hour    available to regular mowing customers only

Billed by the quarter hour, $25 minimum. Our 3 man crew are knowledgeable with the different types of bushes, perennials and ornamental grasses and how they should be maintained. After trimming your bushes, we clean up very well and haul away all clippings. We do it the same day we mow, as not to create a second interruption at your home during the week.


Full Maintenance    $39.50 weekly & up, only offered on a weekly basis, not every other week    

*our most popular service option

This service includes weekly mowing, pulling weeds from flower beds weekly and trimming bushes monthly. This service is accepted by over 82% of our customers!


Fertilizer and Weed Control   $44.95 per application & up

Our 8 step fertilizer is unmatched by any other company. Depending on the type of grass you have, we apply a combination of liquid and granular products that are kid, pet, and environmentally safe. We offer a guarantee, which means if you are not satisfied, we will retreat for FREE. Our program even includes dallis grass and nut grass control at no extra charge

Shrub and Tree Care
    $44.95 per application and up
By treating your shrubs, roses and trees throughout the year, we can minimize the impact of disease's and insects. 7 applications per year to manage insects and disease.

Pet Waste Pick Up  $10.50 & up

Before we mow your back yard, we pick up your pet's waste and haul it off with us. We will never leave it in your trash can.

Aeration        $75 & up  
Aeration only needs to be done once per year. It is a  process that is done around the end of April. It allows water, oxygen, and nutrients to get to the roots of your turf.

Mulch    $98 per cubic yard

Adding 2"-3" of mulch in your flower beds is healthy for your landscaping and helps deter weed growth.

Seasonal Flowers    $28.95 per flat

Changing flowers in the spring and fall will guarantee you a fresh vibrant look year round. $100 minimum.

Sprinkler Repairs, Maintenance, and Upgrades              
We bring over 20 years of experience with us. Whether it's repairing a broken head, troubleshooting why a particular zone will not work, a simple pro-active inspection to make sure everything is functioning correctly or modifying your system with new technology to allow for better water conservation, we are qualified and licensed by the state (LI# 17315, LI # 3809) and attend regular continued education classes to stay up on new products and regulations.

Leaf Removal           call/email for quote

Leaf removal includes removing and hauling away all leaves from your flower beds, lawn, and patios. This service can be done upon request or scheduled weekly during the fall season to keep your yard looking it's best.

Winter Rye   call/email for quote

If you're looking for green grass year round, this is for you.


We offer three different payment options. Electronic bank draft monthly (our most popular option) or keep your credit/debit card on file and charge the day after service or annualized maintenance.

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 Spring Clean up: This service is completed in late February or March to get your ready for the summer. The more of the following services you do, the less you pay per service. After we do the initial clean up, you will not need another service for 2-4 weeks. Often the price of a clean up(not including mulch & sprinklers) is close to the price of one months service. Therefore, it really doesn't cost much more to have a clean up done and you get more services! Service includes one or all of the following services. 1. Leaf clean up: We clean up all leaves in the flower beds, lawn and patio areas2. Scalping: We mow the lawn at a lower level and bag the clippings to remove built up winter growth and thatch. Thatch is the layer of dead or decaying organic matter between soil and turf grass plants, and may be detrimental to lawns if it is more than .5 inch deep. 3. Bush trimming and flower bed clean out: We trim all bushes, pull weeds from flower beds and prune back all perennials and ornamental grasses. 4. Crape Myrtles: To trim or not to trim? This is the big question. Our take is you should have them "topped" if you want to retain the current height or you have had better success by topping them in the past. Either way, you can't go wrong. 5. Mulch: add new mulch to give a total height of about 3". Mulch helps keep the soil at a more consistent temperature and make for healthier landscaping. It does for your plants what insulation in your attic does for your home. 6. Sprinkler tune up: It's highly suggested to have your sprinkler system checked out at the beginning of the year. We check for leaks, head alignment and overall coverage. Then we set your sprinkler system controller for proper times. We answer any questions or teach you how to use your controller, if you like.

 Mow, Edge, Weedeat, Blowing and pick up debris: All grass is mowed. Where the grass meets the concrete, tree ring or flower bed will be edged with a metal blade edger. We will weedeat around your home, fence and other like structures. We will then blow off your concrete leaving a freshly, perfectly cut lawn.

Weekly mowing: You will have a dedicated day each week when we will show up. Once our routes are established you will notice we show about the same time of day every week. Each week we will change mow directions, for a total of 4 times per month. One week we will mow at an angle towards the right, the following week we will mow from the street to your house, the following week, we will mow at an angle to the left, the last week we will mow from left to right. This is better for the grass and not to mention it looks really good! If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, we will send our crew back, with our Supervisor, and re-do the work with no questions asked.

 Bush & Bed Maintenance:  We will trim all shrubs and ornamentals as needed for maximum beauty and curb appeal. Weeds in flower beds will be pulled weekly when we perform this service monthly.

 Full Maintenance: Our Premium Service includes mowing and pulling weeds weekly and trimming bushes monthly. On the occasions that your bushes require to be trimmed more frequently than monthly, our crews know to do that and we don't charge extra for that! After all, you are paying us keep your lawn and landscaping looking it's best and that is our goal as well. We take your regular weekly mowing price and trimming bushes price and offer you an average weekly amount to pay. Because we encourage this service, you don't pay our regular al-a-carte prices, we discount each service, so you pay less per service and get more! In 2009, 82% of our customers chose our Premium service combined with our fertilization program.


 Fertilization & Weed Control: Through our 8 step program you will receive a green, weed free lawn. Depending on your grass type and the time of the year, we apply a combination of liquid and granular products to achieve a beautiful lawn.


 Aeration: Aeration is a process of removing plugs from your lawn allowing watering and oxygen into the root system. Click on our Aeration Page for more information.

 Pet Waste Removal: We will collect your pets waste from your yard while we are there mowing, place it in a bag and haul it away with us. During the off season, if we are not mowing, we continue to come. The off season service is #4 more per week. Please see our Pet Waste page for more information.

 Mulching: Mulch is needed to keep the soil in your flower bed at a more constant temperature which promotes healthy plant life. An average of 3"-4" is needed. We recommend Shredded Hardwood Mulch as it does not float or get blown away. Not only does it help create curb appeal, but it's most important function is to keep the soil at a more consistent temperature, which promotes healthy plant life and deter weed growth. Mulch does for flowers/bushes, what insulation in your attic does for your house. Topping off mulch twice per year is usually enough.

 Seasonal Flowers: Seasonal flowers changed out 2-3 times per year will ensure you always have fresh, vibrant landscaping. Worried about rabbits eating your plants? Don't worry, we got that covered at no additional cost!  Ask us how.

 Rye grass: If you want green grass year round, this is for you. Rye grass is a cool season grass that grows between October and March.. When your Bermuda or St Augustine starts to turn brown in late fall, this takes it's place. In late September, we scalp your lawn and overseed with winter rye grass. We won't mow for about 3 weeks, them we start to returning weekly again because it needs to be mowed every week through the fall and winter. When it starts to warm up again in April, your Bermuda or St Augustine will start to take over again and the rye grass will fade away.

 Payments: We offer different options. Option 1: (our preferred method) We do an electronic bank draft at the first of the month. Option 2: With your credit card on file, we charge it the day after service. With credit rates starting to increase, there may be a slight increase in your price to help offset part of the increase. We suggest option 1, as that is more stable. Option 3: Annualized maintenance plan: We take the total dollar amount you will spend in a year, even if it's only March-October and divide it into 12 even monthly payments. This helps with your budget, knowing exactly how much every month will be electronically drafted from your checking account. This does require a one year contract and deposit.

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