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Below are some FAQ's we get asked. If you don't see the answer you are looking for below, EMAIL us and we will be happy to answer your questions, as well as add it here.

When do you start and stop service?
For seasonal customers, service is from the first week in March to the second week in November.
For annual customers, it is year round every week.

What is average billing?
We take the total number of services and their prices you will receive in a year (even if it's only seasonal), add it all together and divide by the 12 months and that is what you pay monthly. The benefit is you know exactly how much will be paid each month and it's easy on the budget!

What is your preferred method of payment?
Electronic checks. This helps us keep our cost down by not having to pay huge credit card fees, plus it drafts on the same day every month.

Why should I have winter services if I don't have winter rye grass?
 If you or your neighbor have trees that drop leaves in the fall/winter, it is necessary to keep the off your lawn. Not picking them up on a regular basis will promote weed germination and you can expect more weeds in the spring.

What happens if Moore Landscaping damages something?
We try to do our best but things don't always go as planned. Please let us know immediately if you see something you think we damaged and we will act quickly to evaluate the damage. We do not pay other contractors to fix something we break without prior approval from Moore Landscaping. We also do not honor request for reimbursement if we were not made aware of the problem beforehand.

What if rains on the day you are supposed to mow?
We will never skip anyone. If it gets too wet too mow, we stop and pick up where we left off. This may affect people even if it's not raining on their mow day.
Example: If it rains on Monday and we cannot work, then most likely, we will be 1 day behind all week.